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Tell Us About A Sex Party

If we don't take action to save
ourselves, who will?

When do drastic times call for drastic measures?
Simply passing out condoms isn't working!
Many Black men know about HIV and condoms, therefore continuing to do the same thing, while expecting a different result isn't logical.
So what do we do next?
Do you have any ideas besides
for what's currently being done?

Call to action or lip service?
Read: An Open Letter to Black Gay and Bisexual Men Nearly Half of Us May Already Be Infected. Who Gives a Damn?

Why Should I Get Involved?

In a recent study by the CDC, it has been discovered that nearly HALF of ALL (Bi, Gay, Unclassifiable) BLACK MEN who have sex with other men are now infected with HIV. Although sex parties are not the only vehicle used in the fast spread of this virus in the Black community, it is a contributing factor. We believe in the value of Black men as responsible, self-respecting, and contributing members of society. They deserve a right to a long, healthy life.

We must protect the Black heritage and stop the spread of this virus by any means necessary. We are now in a state of emergency. We understand that consenting adults participate in these sex parties, however these parties promote promiscuity, increases exposure to HIV and other STDs that are now rampant in the Black community. We are also aware that condoms are often present, however they aren't always used, especially during oral sex and when alcohol or drugs are involved.

Lastly, sex parties that charge for admission are against the law in most states. The hosts of these parties are usually charged with pimping and keeping a place of prostitution. Patrons of these parties are considered prostitutes.

Other things to think about are: Do you feel sex parties keep Black gay men from knowing the boundaries of real intimacy with other men? Do they reinforce the fact that many men find it easier to connect on a sexual level than through real communication? How do they help one grow as an individual? How do they help the Black gay community as a whole?

How Can I Get Involved?

First, learn ways to help Black men become more responsible as it relates to their health and sex. This usually starts with you.

Be certain to always know your HIV & STD status. Get tested regularly for FREE. Use protection for all oral and anal sexual encounters. And remember, if you can't discuss sex with your sexual partner, then you shouldn't engage in any sexual activity with this person. You will only be putting your own life in jeopardy. Never, never, ever trust any ones word when it comes to sex, their HIV/STD status and your body. Your first responsibility is to yourself, not the pleasure of your sexual partner. So protect YOURSELF!

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Share your ideas to help stop the spread of HIV in the community (besides for what's currently being done).

Who Do I Contact About a Sex Party?

Submit the upcoming sex party to us.


Call your local sheriff or police department.

Will Anyone Find Out Who Submitted the Sex Party?

No, we do not collect your name or any other personal identifiable information.

What Happens After I Submit a Sex Party?

We will forward your listing to local law enforcement for investigation and review.


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